Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does it say “Please Grant Permission” while trying to sign up to become an Agent?

    This is the case when an agent presses the “Deny” button instead of “Allow” on their permission popup. To quickly fix this issue:

    Go to settings→ Apps --> Manage Apps --> Select AllMart Agent App → Permission and Allow all Permissions.

  • How do I update my personal information?

    To update your personal information on the AllMart Agent App.

    • Once you have logged in to your AllMart Agent App,
      • Android: Tap on the triple-line menu symbol in the upper left corner, click on the Account icon on the top right corner
      • iOS: Tap on the Account on the bottom right corner, then select Account
    • Edit your profile information
    • Click save
  • How can I schedule my shifts?

    On AllMart, you are the boss of your own shifts. Once you have logged in to your AllMart Agent App.

    • Android: Tap on the triple-line menu symbol in the upper left corner, click on On-duty toggle toggle when you want to begin receiving delivery opportunities, or Off-Duty when you do not want to receive delivery opportunities.
    • iOS: Tap on the Account on the bottom right corner, click on the On-Duty toggle when you want to begin receiving delivery opportunities, or Off-Duty when you do not want to receive delivery opportunities.
  • How to accept an order?

    Once you have marked yourself ‘On-Duty’, you will automatically receive notifications for orders. If a customer has placed an order in your region, you will be notified by a push notification. You can hit Accept. Once you hit accept, you can view the pick up and delivery details. And, our system will provide you the optimized route to reach your destination.

  • What happens if I cancel my order due to an emergency or my vehicle breaks down?

    AllMart understands that family emergencies happen or your vehicle can break down at the most unexpected moment. You can contact the support team via the AllMart Agent App and inform them after you cancel your order. Or, you can also call the AllMart Support team at (268) 724-5234.

  • How can I update my vehicle and driver’s license information?

    To update your vehicle information, driver’s license information, contact

  • How Agent Pay Works

    AllMart has designed a pay model that is both fair and transparent to the AllMart Delivery Agent for every delivery made.

    This article gives you a detailed breakdown of how the AllMart Agent Pay Works.

    Total Earnings = Base Pay + Promotional Earnings + Tips

    Base Pay:

    The base pay per delivery is calculated based on a unique time and distance algorithm. A commission rate of 25% will be deducted from the base pay to cover the expenses of operating the AllMart platform.

    Also, AllMart provides Agents opportunities to earn extra money through promotions, challenges, surge charges, and other such activities.

    Promotional Earnings:

    AllMart runs referral programs and various promotions that provide opportunities for additional pay. To avail this additional pay, Delivery Agents need to meet certain conditions. The different types of promotional earnings are:

    • Peak Pay: Peak pay will be in effect during busy schedules. And, it's the best time to earn extra money during peak hours. The peak pay, when available, will be added to the total earnings and it will be shown when you are offered the delivery.
    • Challenge Bonuses: To help AllMart delivery agents achieve weekly earning goals, AllMart runs special promotions that rewards incentives to their agents.

    Here are some pointers that all AllMart Delivery Agents need to keep in mind:

    As an AllMart Agent, you cannot manipulate the referral programs or promotions by:

    • Tampering with the location feature on your smartphone
    • Collecting incentive or promotional pay when not eligible to receive such pay under relevant policies or
    • Creating multiple AllMart Agent or customer accounts

    Engaging in this type of manipulation will lead to deactivation of your account.


    Often customers leave a tip either during checkout or with cash after the delivery is completed in a timely and safe manner. 100% of this tip is added to your earnings. AllMart will not interfere with the tip that the customer has provided whether paid by cash or credit card.

    AllMart processes payments made by customers and transfers them to the delivery agents. Payment for all deliveries and activities completed in a given two-week period will be transferred via direct deposit or paid by cheque on a two-week basis. You can also view your AllMart Agent Earnings in the AllMart Agent App.

  • AllMart Delivery Agent Ratings

    As an AllMart Delivery Agent, you will receive ratings based on your performance. Based on your ratings, you will become eligible for incentives and bonuses.

    All AllMart Delivery Agents ratings are based on the following criteria:

    This article gives you a detailed explanation of each rating and how you can improve your ratings.

  • Customer Rating

    The overall customer rating is measured on a scale from 1-5. It is calculated from the most recent ratings submitted by the customers based on the delivery experience. The new rating is replaced by the old rating. This allows the Agents to improve their rating by pushing out the older ratings by newer ratings.

    This means even if your score falls below the minimum rating, you can get back to the perfect score by delivering the packages in a timely and safe manner.

    Let us look at some FAQs related to customer ratings.

    • What is the minimum customer rating?

      All AllMart Delivery Agents have to maintain a minimum rating of 4.0. If you do not meet the minimum rating, your account will be temporarily deactivated. Also, our support team will provide your tips on how to improve your ratings

    • What happens to my score if a customer doesn’t leave a rating?

      Your current rating remains unchanged if a customer doesn’t leave a rating. This is because the overall customer rating doesn’t include the deliveries in which customers do not leave ratings.

    • Why doesn’t my overall rating update after I complete a great delivery?

      Some customers may not leave a rating even after you successfully deliver the package on time. These customers may choose to leave a rating later. So, you may notice that your rating changes even if you have not done any deliveries recently.

      For example, if you have received over 100 ratings, the latest ratings will roll over the previous rating. If the latest rating is 5 and your current rating is 4, your average customer rating will increase. Similarly, if the latest rating is 4, and your current rating is 5, your average customer rating will reduce.

      However, if your current rating is 4 and your latest rating is also 4, your customer rating remains unchanged.

    • How can I improve my customer rating?

      You can improve your customer rating by completing high quality deliveries. You can do this by ensuring to deliver packages in a timely and safe manner with quality, warm customer service.

  • Completion Rating

    The completion rate is the percentage of the deliveries successfully completed out of the 100 most recent delivery opportunities you have accepted. Similar to the customer rating, completion rating is also a rolling average. You can increase your completion rate by ensuring every order you accept is delivered to the customer in a timely manner.

    Once you have completed 100 deliveries, your average will only have a 1% impact on each additional opportunity.

    Here are a few FAQs related to the completion rating.

    • Is my completion rate affected if a customer or merchant cancels the order?

      No. Your completion rate increases if a customer or a merchant cancels the order you have accepted. This is because the delivery is counted as a completed delivery for you. However, if you unassign yourself from an already accepted delivery, your completion rate will reduce.

    • What if I can't complete an accepted order if I have an emergency?

      AllMart understands that agents may have to attend to an emergency family situation or if your vehicle breaks down.

      That’s why you only need to maintain a minimum completion rate of 75% in order to keep your account active. In case you have an emergency during the delivery, you can report to the Support team on the AllMart Agent App.

  • On-time/Early Delivery Rate

    The on-time/early delivery rate is a percentage of the number of orders you have completed by the estimated delivery time out of the 100 recent deliveries you have completed.

    AllMart tracks this metric to help you deliver packages in a timely manner thus increasing your customer ratings to give you a perfect 5.0 score.

  • Acceptance Rate

    The acceptance rate is the percentage of deliveries you have accepted out of the 100 recent delivery opportunities you received. To increase your acceptance rate, accept delivery opportunities consistently. Similar to the above mentioned ratings, the acceptance rating is also a rolling average.

    However, there is no minimum threshold to maintain. But if you decline delivery opportunities consistently, it negatively impacts your fellow AllMart agents, your customers and merchants due to delayed delivery time.

  • On Duty Hours

    AllMart wants its delivery agents to have a flexible working schedule. This helps agents to perform tasks better.

    AllMart tracks your On Duty hours to monitor how many delivery opportunities you accept from the time you have marked yourself available. Accepting delivery opportunities consistently during your on duty hours will help you increase your acceptance rate. This will help you to become eligible for incentives and bonuses.

  • Order FAQs

    Can I reorder a past order?

    Yes, you can reorder the past order.

    i. Go to the orders

    ii. Select particular order

    iii. Click the reorder button and the order will be placed again.

    What happens after I place an order?

    You will receive an Order Confirmation email from AllMart. This means that your order has been received and will be processed for pickup or delivery.

    What does it mean when my order is accepted?

    The ‘Order Accepted’ status means that the merchant has accepted your order and has begun packing or preparing your purchases. Your order is being processed. You will be notified once your order is on the way to you. If you selected pickup, we will let you know when you can collect your items.

    Can I edit my order after it is already placed?

    Yes, you can edit the order until the merchant has accepted the order.

    To edit your order:

    i. Go to the order

    ii. Select particular order you wish to change

    iii. Edit the order.

    If the merchant has accepted the order, you are unable to edit it.

    What happens if a merchant does not have an item I ordered?

    You will be immediately notified by the merchant if the item is out of stock. You will then have the option to either replace the out of stock item with a substitute good (of equal or lesser value), or remove the out of stock item from your checkout.

    If I make an order and change my mind? What is my cancellation policy?

    Every merchant has their own cancellation policy. You can find out the cancellation policy of a merchant by:

    i. Visiting the orders tab and clicking on your most recent order, which is still in the pending stage.

    ii. Calling the merchant directly to inquire.

    Can I track my order?

    Yes, you can track your orders. To do this, go on the orders menu and click the order you placed to track its location.

    Can I schedule an order in advance?

    Yes. Once you have selected your order at the checkout page, before clicking Proceed to Pay, simply select ‘Schedule Order’ and you can select the date and time you wish to have your Order delivered or picked up.

    How does pickup work?

    On the Checkout screen, there is the option of choosing either delivery or pickup. Select the pickup option and enter the requested details.

  • Delivery & Address

    Is my personal information secure?

    Yes, your personal information is completely secured. AllMart has an SSL certificate. SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.

    For some reason, when I click ‘Add Address’, it is not not finding my address. What do I do?

    i. Go to phone Settings

    ii. Search Location Services

    Iii. Search for AllMart

    iv. Enable Allow Location

    How do I add an address to my address book?

    To add an address to your address book, click the triple-line menu symbol on the left hand side.
    i. Go to Address Book.
    ii. Add address.

    How do I set my correct delivery location?

    After you finish shopping and proceed to Checkout, there will be an option on the top of the menu. From there, you can enter your delivery location.
    For website shopping, there is also a “Locate Me” button next to the search bar which can be used to automatically find your current location.

    How do I change my delivery address once my order is placed?

    If the merchant has not accepted the order:
    i. Go to orders
    ii. Select particular order
    iii. Edit order and then change the delivery address at the Checkout page.

  • Payment

    Is it possible to pay with cash?

    No, it is not possible to pay with cash for AllMart orders for simplicity and ease of use purposes.

    How do I pay for my order?

    When you select your order and go to the checkout page, there is the option at the bottom which reads “Payment Method”. Underneath you can add your card.

    What forms of payment does AllMart accept?

    AllMart accepts all forms of credit and debit cards, but not cash payments.

    What fees do I pay?

    Delivery Orders have a location based, non-fixed delivery fee. Pickup orders do not incur an additional fee whatsoever. The fees help us pay delivery agents, operate the AllMart platform, and provide the best customer experience possible.
    You can see the fees from the checkout screen so you’ll know what the total is for your order before paying. You’ll also receive a receipt via email showing a breakdown of the order subtotal and fees.

  • General

    What is AllMart?

    AllMart is Antigua’s local online marketplace bringing you a wide range of local businesses right to your fingertips. For the first time, you can Buy Anything. Anywhere. Anytime. Online in Antigua!

    Start shopping at or download the AllMart App here.

    Get it ALL on AllMart!

    Choose from:
    - Islandwide delivery in 3 hours or less
    - Schedule orders on your own time
    - In-Store Pickup while on-the-go

    Shop 25,000+ Products - Easily browse local businesses (updated regularly!), all organized by category for an enjoyable shopping experience

    Track your Orders - Track your delivery order once it has been picked up by our Delivery Agent

    Earn as you Shop - Earn loyalty points with every purchase that can be redeemed sitewide

    Instant Support - Easily chat with us via the AllMart app regarding any questions or chat with a Merchant based on a pending order

  • How often are products updated and merchants added on AllMart?

    Products are updated every time new arrivals come in. Every day new merchants are signing up their businesses to AllMart, and with that, more variety of products. Check back frequently to keep updated.

    What does a merchant’s rating mean?

    A merchant’s rating represents the average customer rating for all orders completed. Merchants that receive high ratings tend to provide the best buying experience and have on-time deliveries, accurate orders, and quality products.

    What is the AllMart Customer Friends and Family Refer & Earn Program?

    The AllMart Refer & Earn program gives users the opportunity to earn cash by simply inviting anyone to use the service. This can be done through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more. This gives the invited user $20 off their first order (must be over $50) and gives you $10 off your next order. To access your referral code and find more information on this program:
    i. Click the triple-line menu symbol on the left hand side.
    ii. Click Refer & Earn.

  • Will we, as the merchant, require an e-commerce facility with our bank?

    No, you will not need to undergo any sort of banking process. Our objective is to alleviate this hassle from our Merchant Partners so you can focus on what matters most – your customer experience.

    What happens if a certain product added to a customer’s cart is not in stock?

    As a customer is proceeding to checkout, they are given an option to either remove out of stock items from their order, or substitute those items for ones of equal or lesser value. If the items they selected do not happen to be in stock, you as the merchant will be able to contact the customer via the built-in support chat or via phone call. ,you will be able to notify the customer about the out of stock items. Once approved, you can edit the order accordingly.

    Will the merchant be liable for refunds in the event that someone gets products delivered and is not happy?

    Upon every pickup by a Delivery Agent, it is the Merchant’s responsibility to ensure that the products are in good working order and condition. Once the order is accepted by the Delivery Agent, the responsibility is then transferred out of the Merchant and onto AllMart. Once the customer receives the products, they will be subject to the same return policy that is applicable by the merchant in-store.

    How do I get instructions on managing my online store?

    Upon registration, you will be given a comprehensive demo on how to set up and manage your online store. For further questions, please email or call AllMart Support at 724-5234 and we are always happy to assist.